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Dear Customers:
It was in March 2001 when I started a medical equipment business in Korea.I initially developed surgical tools by myself – artificialhip jointswith Samsung Techwin and artificial joints and spine with UNI. I resigned my position due to a management problem. I invented dental implants and I could not name all of self-develop medical items countless
I co-developed obstetrics and gynecology with Samsung Medical Center in Seoul and other surgical instruments invented with my senior surgery professors. Despite my efforts, I did not overcome a budget problem even though I had highly qualified tools and devices. Reflecting back, it was mainly due to my inefficient sales aptitudes.
I visited Pakistan in 2004 thanks to an invitation from President Pervez Musharrafand Pakistan Medical Association. I opened a medical technology center at Sialkot in Pakistan. Around 2004, the main export goods of Pakistan was medical devices.
Our technology remained falling behind, similar to the trend in South Korea in the 1980s. My employees did not understand CAD drawings. They were simply following the designs – cutting with scissors, attaching the designs, and making the products in a simple manner.
Several large companiesequipped with precise machines visited, but it was only for demonstrations. They could not produce CAM using CNC equipment. I opened the CAD center in Pakistan after I received assistance from theBK business team, Jeonnam National University in Korea. It was professor Lee Do Jae fromJeonnam National University in Korea who guided me to understand and educated metal properties, understanding and processing of the metal. Through these course trainings, I initiated to set up my own factory and started making products.
The employees were unskilled though, and they were unable to understand what the senior technicians instructed. They did not follow the instructions and abandoned their old habits and easy going attitudes.
It was impossible to overcome this practice without changing the wage systes. Employees received their salary by production volume, not
required quality. If I asked them to increase quality then their production dropped which caused their salaryto be less than desirable.
I decided to replace all my employees with employees who held above a high school diploma and changed the wage system from production base to salary basis. I put more emphasis on quality and trainingon how to use CAD and basic knowledge about cutting work. .
In addition, I providedmy employees with a Korean language program after work for 90 minutes. This program was designed so my employees could gain an understanding of Korean thinking and culture.
Now that everything runs smoothly, even major firms ask us to educate their employees with our techniques. We carry out these entrusted educations too.
In the future, products requiringprecision machining processes will be produced in South Korea, and general-purpose products will be produced here in Pakistan.
In addition, we decided to use stainless steel from POSCO products in Korea.
POSCO installed world's leading equipment and facilities to produce for 304, 410 and 420 stainless goods. It is South Korea that is able to enjoy state of the art technology that excels Japan and Germany’s technology.I am very proud of South Korea and Koreantechnology. With this knowledge, I striveto be number one in the world with you. I am already feelingpositiveabout my goal. I will ultilize my utmost efforts to supply the best medical equipment with competitive pricingcontinuously to my old customers.
I promise to payback my debt to you through great products without fail.
Please believe and love us and choose our products with special care.

Thank you very much for sharing your valuable time.
Lee Kang Jae, CEO/Founder of Eggzicom Industries, WonPakistan, Wonkwang Korean Language Institute